Research facilities

On our 14 hectare Dairy Campus site, we have six units housing a total of 550 cows. We also have various working spaces, training rooms and a reception building with offices.

Each dairy house at Dairy Campus has its own research function. With 550 dairy cows, six dairy houses, a working unit and more than 300 hectares of land and training/meeting facilities, Dairy Campus is the only one of its kind in the world. Science and professional practice go hand-in-hand at Dairy Campus. Almost all our research is carried out in collaboration with businesses.
Each of our dairy houses has its own research function, covering the following:

  • Animal feed en efficient feeding
  • Environment
  • Manure processing
  • Grass and soil
  • Grazing systems
  • Raising youngstock
  • Precision agriculture and sensor use
  • Housing and floors
  • Sustainable breeding
  • Working life
  • Water flows on a dairy farm