Course Successful Dairy Heifer Rearing -feeding and management


Course Successful Dairy Heifer Rearing -feeding and management

Without todays knowledge, no successful dairy heifer rearing. The importance of good feeding strategies starting in the beginning of life, metabolic programming, health management, early rumen development, housing and up to date young stock economics are covered in this course. These new insights regarding to successful feeding and management of calves and heifers are the foundation of a healthy sustainable production life. The programme also includes a practical demonstration of the calf rearing system at the Dairy Campus.

Organised by Dairy Campus & Wageningen Academy

Tue 24 September 2019 until Wed 25 September 2019

Duration 2 days
Setup Other setup
Venue Dairy Campus, Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

Dairy heifer rearing stages

This course stresses three stages:
1. Pre-birth
2. Pre-weaned calves
3. Rearing of dairy heifers

The course includes a variety of presentations and two excursions over two consecutive days. There will be various opportunities for interaction between participants and the experts.

Target audience

The course is specifically designed for professionals working in the (international) dairy industry, for instance in the profession of nutritionist, researcher, technical support manager, veterinarian or consultant. Policy-makers or employees from governments are also welcome to join the course.


After completing the course, you are updated with the latest scientific insights regarding dairy heifer rearing. Furthermore, you are able to add new knowledge to your field of expertise and visited the Dutch Dairy Campus, the Dairy Campus is the expertise centre on dairy from
Wageningen University & Research.

Course leader

The course leader is Dr J. (Jan) Dijkstra,
Wageningen University & Research.