Farmers updated on sustainable breeding at Dairy Campus

Published on
January 13, 2017

On Wednesday January 11, 50 dairy farmers visited Dairy Campus to be updated on the research related to breeding.

Key topic is the role that animal breeding can play when striving for a sustainable dairy production system. One great example is the breeding value for feed intake. With this breeding value, it is possible to breed for animals with good production, good health and fertility, but which achieve that more efficiently.

Another example is the research project related to breeding for improved fertility. For this, data from the Herd Navigator on progesterone profiles are used, which enables us to pinpoint the most fertile period of a cow more accurately. All this comes together in a project on innovative breeding tools that also runs at Dairy Campus.

This was the second day that was organised on the Dairy Campus together with CRV; the first was in November 2016 and the next one will be on February 8, 2017. In total, 150 farmers are expected to visit Dairy Campus and learn about ongoing animal breeding projects.