Alternative treatment for the top layer of grass silage at Waiboerhoeve

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8 mei 2011

Dairy farming has been spending a lot of time and energy in recent years on efforts to prevent mould in the top layer of grass silage.

For many years now, successful use has been made of a treatment to keep the top layer of ensiled maize tasty and mould-free. This year, Waiboerhoeve in Lelystad, part of Dairy Campus, started using the same treatment on ensiled grass because, despite closer attention to sealing, the quality of the feed in the top layer was still not up to scratch.

The top layer is treated with a solution of potassium sorbate in water. Large areas can be covered with the aid of a mini field sprayer fitted with a long hose and a jet pipe.

Martin de Bree, deputy manager at Waiboerhoeve: “The top layer must be treated quickly, easily and economically. It also needs to be properly divided, so that higher doses can be sprayed on certain patches or on the sides for example. We’re doing this manually because the slopes are too steep for a machine. We can’t wait to see the results”.