Anna Bobrowski, studente

Working on the Dairy Campus was an amazing experience. I was not only able to get to know lots of other projects but also to exchange my knowledge with all the other researchers on the campus.
I also liked it that the office is on the farm so I was able to go into the barn whenever I wanted to and return directly to the office to write down some new perceptions.
Furthermore everybody on the farm was trying so hard to make all the different projects work. They were giving me help whenever needed even though the normal working shift was long over.
I learned a lot on Dairy Campus. For my study I did some measurement in the environment and measuring house of Dairy Campus for the project project "REDUCE – sustainable, animal- and environmentally friendly cattle farming by reducing ammonia emissions with a urease inhibitor". The objective of this project is to investigate the effect of an urease inhibitor under practical conditions in dairy barns. The measurement were definitely important for my study and we are still analysing and collecting the data.

Anna Brobowski
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel / Germany 

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