Fertilize Wisely Phase 1

This project is developing an easily accessible and practice-oriented BeMestWijs management tool in which the latest knowledge about fertilization will become available to dairy farmers.

Optimal fertilization for minimum environmental impact and maximum crop growth within the applicable fertilization standards is a challenge for many dairy farmers. They are therefore looking for practical handles to better distribute the available fertilizers among parcels and to apply them at an optimal time. As a result, the nutrients are used to the maximum and do not emit to groundwater, surface water or air.

Three-fold purpose

1. Developing a low-threshold and practice-oriented ‘Fertilize Wisely’ management tool for dairy farmers with the latest knowledge about fertilization.

2. Developing a revenue model with which ‘Fertilize Wisely’ can be kept up to date and with which financial resources become available for further development into a precision fertilization tool in phase 2.

3. Stimulating innovation with regard to precision fertilization of grassland. By translating knowledge and experience with regard to precision fertilization from arable farming, in particular, through calculation rules / algorithms to grassland management.

Expected results

  • Management tool ‘Fertilize Wisely’ (at parcel level);
  • A revenue model for maintenance and further development;
  • Calculation rules / algorithms precision fertilization grassland.

LTO Business takes care of the communication about and the marketing of the management tool.

Background information

Smart manure application & utilisation: a practical tool for issuing advice on manure application