Next level floor system tested soon

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28 november 2022

Current emission-reducing floor systems provide for rapid drainage of urine and sealing of the floor, which reduces emissions from the manure pit. The lowest emission factor for ammonia achieved with this is 6 kg NH3 per animal place per year.
In this project, the inventors and makers of a new type of floor aim for an ammonia emission of 3 kg NH3 per animal place per year, without gas formation in the basement and with separate manure flows for further valorisation.

The floor has a non-slip top layer that should provide cows with sufficient grip. The floor is kept clean with an adapted manure robot, after suction of the manure, the floor is mopped clean with water. The urine has already been collected in a manure gutter that is actively emptied with water and air. The different streams can be processed outside the barn. Various parts of the floor and the robot have already been tested separately and in combination on Dairy Campus and on a practical farm.