Webinar Grass: Repair and prevent damage from mice, water and drought 

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17 april 2020

Focus on new knowledge, tips and advice regarding grass during the Strong Grassland webinar. Recovery and prevention of damage from mice, water and drought on grass plots were examined from three different angles. With the aim of maintaining and realizing a durable robust turf.

This webinar was an alternative to the seminar on the subject, which could not take place at Dairy Campus due to the coronavirus. This meeting, organized by Dairy Campus and Wageningen University & Research, was all about the grassland. What threats do we face and what are the consequences? Mice, water, but also drought can have a major impact on the quality of our turf. In this webinar, three experts use their own expertise to discuss threats, opportunities and solutions. 


Valentina Sechi, Scientific Project Manager at Wetsus focuses in her story on the importance of the organic matter in the soil. Among other things, she talks about the research at Wetsus where they process organic residual material into compost or Bokashi. Watch and listen to her full story in English from 3:32 to 20.00 minutes.


Field mouse 

Bastiaan Meerburg, senior researcher at Wageningen University & Research and also director of the Knowledge and Advice Center for Animal Plagues, talks about the fight against the emerging field mouse plague in the agricultural sector. The pest settles in clay and peat soils. According to Meerburg, you are talking about a real pest if you are dealing with 2000 voles or more per hectare. In the years 2014/2015, the northern provinces of the Netherlands experienced extreme damage to their grassland plots. 2019 will also suffer serious damage. Pests occur in 3 to 5 year cycles. Various factors play a role here, such as landscape features, climate and grassland management. Meerburg discusses the biology and habitat of the mouse and provides possibilities for pest control, without the use of chemical agents. For more advice on predation, grassland management and new developments, see the full contribution of Meerburg during this webinar. His story starts, in Dutch, from 22:00 and runs until 48.42 minutes. 



Bert Philipsen, projectmanager Amazing Grazing, researcher at Wageningen University & Research, focuses on grassland management and use, with the emphasis on realizing a strong and sustainable grass plot. How do you do that in practice as an entrepreneur and what factors should you take into account. All questions that are addressed in the presentation of Philipsen. Among other things, he discusses the use of functions, overseeding and measures that lead to a robust grassland. 
Tools to optimally manage grassland are also discussed. View the full contribution of Bert Philipsen in Dutch from 50.00 to 1:22:00 minutes. 


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