Green Gas finds a home at Dairy Campus

Published on
May 3, 2011

Dairy Campus has a new tenant: Stichting Groen Gas Nederland, a recently established foundation that will pave the way for the large-scale production of green gas.

It will take a lot of hard work in the years ahead to convert more than 40% of the current gas consumption to ‘green’ by 2050. Groen Gas Nederland has been set up to explore the aspects and implications of green gas, to start projects, and to assist with regulations and fiscal consequences. Headed by Director Erik van Engelen, fifteen people from Groen Gas will collect and disseminate knowledge from their base at Dairy Campus in Goutum, Leeuwarden, and their office in Utrecht.

The foundation has entered a partnership with LTO Noord and is receiving support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and from businesses specialising in sustainable energy.