Cursus Evaluatie en analyse van diervoeders


Course Advances in Feed Evaluation Science

Would you like to gather in-depth insights in the
latest innovations related to feed? The latest insights
in the nutritional value of feeds and feedstuffs,
recent technical innovations related to feed, new
trends and advances in feed evaluation are a
selection of subjects that will be discussed during
this course. The subjects will be presented by highly
regarded experts in the field of feed evaluation
science from all over the world. The new gained
knowledge will contribute to the accurate
formulation of mixed diets.

Organised by Wageningen Academy
Location Wageningen Campus

The 2020 edition is cancelled due to the corona outbreak, the course will be rescheduled in 2021.
You can already show your interest.

Why follow this course?

After the course you will:

  • Have a concise update on the principles of feed evaluation as applied to the livestock industries.
  • Be able to identify the potential nutritional value of feeds and feedstuffs with regard to components from feeds which are used for the synthesis of body components and for the support of metabolic processes in the body.
  • Be able to identify and apply several recent technical innovations in relation to digestibility and dietary nutrient requirements.

For whom is this course?

The course aims to increase the knowledge of professionals (post graduate/academic level) and is intended for nutritionists, feed formulators, advisors, managers, teachers, researchers and professionals involved in animal feed manufacture. The course set-up is cross-species and covers pigs, poultry, ruminants and pets.

Programme and topics

This course includes a variety of presentations spread over 4 consecutive days. The topics will be introduced by international experts and there will be various opportunities for interaction with other participants and the experts. This offers the possibility to meet people with different backgrounds and to expand professional and private networks.

In this course the following subjects are covered:

  • Nutritional Value and Determination of Feed Ingredients
  • Nutrient Digestibility, Bio-availability & Fermentation
  • Mathematical Modelling of Nutrient-Animal Interactions
  • New Trends in Feed Evaluation
  • Recent Advances in Feed Evaluation

Course leaders

The course leader are prof. dr. ir. W. H. (Wouter) Hendriks,
Wageningen University & Reserach, The Netherlands, Dr. J. van Milgen, INRA, France, Prof. P. J. Moughan, Massey University, New Zealand and Dr. P.R. Ferket, NC State University, USA.

More information

Questions? Contact the programme manager Geurt Heimensen.