Line-up of the Dairy Nutrition Symposium is revealed!

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7 oktober 2011

The programme for the upcoming international symposium on dairy cattle nutrition, organized by the Centre for Animal Nutrition, is complete.

Eight acknowledged experts from The Netherlands and abroad will present their view on “Nutrition and fat metabolism in dairy cattle” on Thursday 17 November 2011 in three sessions.

In the first session “From feed fatty acids to milk fatty acids”, Drs John Cone, Attje-Rieke Sterk (both Wageningen University, The Netherlands) and Dr Gijs van Ranst (Ghent University, Belgium) will provide insights into polyunsaturated fatty acids, rumen biohydrogenation and the effect on milk fat.

In the second session entitled “Fatty acids and gene expression”, Mr Antoon Jacobs (Wageningen University), Dr Nuria Mach (INRA Paris, France) and Prof Giovanni Savoini (Milan University, Italy) will take us into the world of gene expression and the effects unsaturated fats have on various metabolic processes.

In the third and final session “Fat metabolism in early lactation” Dr Anette van Dorland (University of Bern, Switzerland) and Dr Jo Leroy (University of Antwerp, Belgium) will elaborate on the implications of fat metabolism in early lactation.