MeadowFloor CL reduces ammonia emissions by 35%

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12 oktober 2020

The MeadowFloor CL is a solid floor for dairy barns (for both new-build and renovation projects) with the aim of combining animal comfort with low ammonia emissions. In 2017 and 2018, research was carried out into the effect of this at Dairy Campus.

The study was to determine whether the floor reduces ammonia emissions by closing off the space at the top of the manure pit from the rest of the stable and quickly
draining urine from the floor to the manure pit or manure storage via urine gutters. The floor is cleaned by a manure scraper with fingers adjusted to the surface profile of the floor.


In this project, the MeadowFloor CL was installed in a pilot section of the Dairy Campus Environmental Stable. An identical section equipped with standard concrete
grids without a manure scraper served as a reference. All other factors such as
indoor climate, number of cows, feed, milk production, ventilation, etc., were kept identical (i.e. according to the "ceteris paribus principle"). The wards were equipped with cubicles, climate-separated and mechanically ventilated. Each section accommodated 16 cows of the Holstein Friesian breed. Between May 16, 2017 and February 9, 2018, a total of 6 measurement periods of four consecutive days each, spread over the calendar year at intervals of 6 to 9 weeks.

Results and conclusions

From measurements of the ventilation and the stable temperature, and from the results of urea content and milk production, it appeared that the sections were very identical. This underscores the pure comparison basis of the "case-control"
approach. The concentration and emission of ammonia turned out to be on average
35% lower in the test ward with the MeadowFloor CL compared to the reference
ward with concrete grids.

Necessary for obtaining an official emission factor for the Rav legislation are
results of a second case-control approach or results of emission measurements
at two more stables with the relevant housing system.