What is a Brazilian guy doing at Dairy Campus

My name is Wagner da Silva Machado, borne in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at August 21th of 1985, son of a nurse and an electrical engineer. For my study I went to Dairy Campus Leeuwarden to write a paper to improve my knowledge at Dairy Cattle. The subject of my paper was related to the milk quality of cows at grassing activities. These subjects have meaning that can connect the reality of grassing activities in Nederland and Brazil. Also this can approach the experiences towards to the future of Dairy Cattle.

This was an association between Wageningen UR and my university (Federal University of Viçosa). Although my University gives support only at the bureaucratic part, Wageningen UR was essential at this part.
The work environment is the best. Not properly because of the facilities, prepared offices and at the necessary needs, but because of their workers that make Dairy Campus going very well. As my mom always said: “the soul of business standing at the shoulders of their workers. So take good care of them!” And here I saw that!

Although to do and write a scientifically paper, I learn that the importance is not only the amount of knowledge, but what you can do with it. The daily works at this great environment can be harder than usually looks like. Not because of the facilities or the workers, but the cultural differences that can force you to act with some way that is normal, but isn’t. I learn to deal with the fact that what is normal to me, might not be normal for everyone. That mean we have to learn to be together always, despite of differences.