4. Innoflex cubicle house

This Innoflex unit is where we carry out exploratory research and practical testing of housing floors and layouts with cubicles. The unit has capacity for 60 cows. It features flexible cubicle partitions with mattresses.
The initial idea for this unit, which we have named ‘Innoflex’, was based on the concept of a covered pasture: ground similar to grazing land but offering protection against the sun, wind and rain. Of the two Innoflex units at Dairy Campus, this one provides space for innovations relating to the familiar but not yet fully developed cubicle house. The aim is to provide a flexible space for further developing and testing ideas on housing, feeding, layouts, automation, bedding, floors, grazing and so on.

360 degree tour innoflex cubicle house

Take here a 360 degree tour innoflex cublicle house