The Dairy Campus network is crucial. It is what enables us to interact with the people and organisations around us: society, government bodies, science, the business community, NGOs and dairy farmers. We do this under the banner ‘Finding solutions together’.
And we share the knowledge we gain in doing so with the outside world.

The Dairy Campus network consists of a number of companies, research, educational and knowledge institutes, government bodies and stakeholder organisations. We work with them to boost the development of a sustainable dairy farming sector and conduct joint research into current developments in our sector.

Dairy Campus is currently working with:

  • Wageningen University & Research
  • Nordwin College
  • Aeres University of Applied Sciences
  • Van Hall Larenstein
  • Municipality of Leeuwarden
  • Province of Friesland
  • Friesland Campina
  • LTO Nederland
  • University of Groningen
  • Frysl├ón Campus

In the context of knowledge sharing and education, we work with:

Dairy Campus team

The Dairy Campus team consists of around 15 full-time employees spread across the farm and the front office. The farm team has members who not only assist in carrying out research projects but also play a role in day-to-day animal management and land-use activities. Most of the field work is outsourced to a contractor. We also have a farm manager and an assistant farm manager.

The front office has three project coordinators, a communication professional, a knowledge broker, a data manager, two receptionists and a facilities operations manager, along with an SNN Dairy Campus innovation manager/business developer/programmer leader. We do not have our own researchers, trainers or lecturers on site.

Steering Committee

Current Steering Committee (background and role)
From a legal and financial perspective, Dairy Campus is part of Wageningen Livestock Research. Dairy Campus is also a network organisation that implements the Dairy Campus project (SNN project R001 Dairy Campus).
The Steering Committee focuses mainly on progressing and implementing the aims of the Dairy Campus project as described in the published decisions (regional, SNN and LNV (practical learning facilities for infrastructure)). The Steering Committee also has a role in formally approving innovation projects and adapting/agreeing the research group programmes and other parts of our education programme. The Steering Committee is therefore essentially mainly project-based.

Members of the Steering Committee

The members of the Steering Committee are made up of the operational organisations involved in the Dairy Campus programme; WLR and VHL in their operational roles; WR and LTO based on their relationship with the Melkveefonds as co-financier of various projects; and the municipality and province through the grants they provided in phase 1 and, specifically, the infrastructure. The current Steering Committee has been extended in recent years and acts as a de facto advisory board for the Dairy Campus project.