Mission and vision


‘Inspiring the dairy supply chain of the future’ 

Our mission is to play a self-confident pioneering role in future-proofing the dairy farming sector by providing concrete insights, advice and tools. In doing so, we take the Sustainable Development Goals into account by carrying out expert and objective research and sharing and demonstrating our conclusions, advice and insights.[Text Wrapping Break] 

Our role is to help our clients make the right choices during the challenging transition from theory to practice in the process of innovation and knowledge development. We help them take their ideas from the drawing board to reality efficiently and effectively. [Text Wrapping Break]In doing so, Dairy Campus is helping to develop the dairy supply chain of the future.[Text Wrapping Break] 

We have an innovative centre with 500 data-producing dairy cows, 6 research cowsheds, 300 hectares of land and training facilities at our disposal, backed up by our excellent connections in the supply chain, our extensive network of first-class researchers and our close links to education and the Dairy Campus farms.  


‘Establishing Dairy Campus as a cutting-edge centre of expertise rooted firmly in the agricultural sector’ 

Dairy Campus is a hub where gaps in the sector are bridged, interests are brought together and strengths are pooled.

Dairy Campus also has a catalyst function. It is a place where closely knit networks are created that also benefit collaboration between the organisations concerned and university and school students in associated areas and at different levels. 

We put a lot of effort into explaining what we do here at Dairy Campus. It’s a hive of activity, ranging from research, education and training to meetings, demonstrations and field trips. 

We show how colourful and diverse our work is here through our testing grounds and on-site events, but also by creating links to existing attractions and organisations. Every visitor leaves the site armed with plenty of knowledge about what goes on here and inspiration about what can be achieved. 


Dairy Campus inspires the dairy supply chain. This enables us to fulfil a proactive role in our relationship with the public, because products such as cheese and milk ultimately find their way to consumers' tables. 

The role of the consumer has gone from strength to strength over the past decade. Consumers are demanding ever more, making it even more important for us to interact with the people and organisations around us.