Feed Efficiency

Dairy Campus offers the players in the national and international dairy supply chain a wealth of opportunities to support innovations in animal feed and feeding systems. Innovations that are geared towards improving mineral utilisation and reducing ammonia and greenhouse gases through the feed track.

Together with research institutes, businesses and the dairy sector, we are building a circular, nature-inclusive form of agriculture in which local protein production and feed efficiency play a key role.

Our innovation centre has extensive experience in research and innovation in cattle feed and feeding systems. We are ideally equipped to carry out high-quality, thorough practical and scientific research following a range of protocols. We can draw on a huge pool of data and knowledge in this area and have a range of facilities at our disposal, such as:

  • A feeding shed
  • Green feeds
  • A milking parlour
  • Integrated approach

Dairy Campus is committed to achieving a circular, nature-inclusive agricultural system. Livestock feed is an important element in achieving this. In practice, this requires plant-based and animal supply chains to work more closely together. A good example of this is the cultivation of sugar beet. From sugar beet we obtain sugar for human consumption, while the pulp is used as feed for dairy cattle. The cows in turn produce milk and meat for human consumption and also provide manure for plant-based production. This method of working helps create a sustainable agricultural system with less waste and lower emissions of harmful substances.

We carry out research into:

  • The relationship between animal feed and methane, ammonia, nitrogen and phosphate emissions
  • The effects of rations on animal health, welfare and behaviour
  • The relationship between animal feed and biodiversity
  • Feed value analysis and the incorporation of by-products that support circular agriculture
  • Effects and safety of animal feed additives and new feed ingredients

Dairy Campus works on concrete solutions that help to optimise feed efficiency throughout the supply chain.