At Dairy Campus we pay a lot of attention to improving resilience and resistance in the dairy herd. Together with researchers, vets and business experts, we study the life span, welfare, health and behaviour of our animals. We use the information and data we obtain from the field as input for developing relevant indicators and tools for the dairy farming sector.

At Dairy Campus we carry out research into:

  • A sustainable, robust and resilient herd
  • Practical tools for identifying resistance in animals
  • Improving resilience and resistance in a changing climate
  • An integrated approach to resistance and resilience of animals at the farm level

In all the research we carry out into livestock systems at Dairy Campus, the emphasis is very firmly on the animal, our starting point being healthy, strong animals. These animals are more resilient because they are less dependent on medication and less prone to diseases. At Dairy Campus we have the latest facilities and technologies such as sensors and cameras at our disposal for monitoring our animals and collecting data. We can combine this data with all the other data streams at Dairy Campus. By providing this information, we play an integral part in developing solutions for improving animal resilience. We do this by identifying new indicators and developing tools in collaboration with researchers.

Changing environment calls for new approach

The changing living environment of people and animals calls for new knowledge and insights on an ongoing basis. Climate change can cause cows to suffer more heat stress, for example. There is also ongoing pressure from ‘new’ viruses and other pathogens, and we are also facing the challenge of transitioning to a more circular economy. What do these developments mean for the cow and its ability to self regulate?

Research at Dairy Campus

Dairy Campus has the perfect facilities for carrying out animal and herd-level research into cow behaviour, animal welfare, animal health, life span and breeding. All of these are subjects that impact on animal resilience and resistance in different circumstances and livestock systems. Our animals are monitored using the very latest technologies. In these pathways, Dairy Campus works closely with research institutes, businesses and the sector. Together we find effective solutions for current issues relating to resilience and resistance in the herd.